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Flourishing Hope is now on Etsy! Click the link to visit our shop and support our small business. We create and sell items to promote mental and physical health through more than just grief.


About Flourishing Hope, LLC

Established in 2023, Flourishing Hope is a customized grief box company for those who have lost a parent, sibling, friend, spouse/significant other, or child. Each box is tailored specifically to the needs of the family from information collected through a questionnaire given at check-out. All products can be purchased for yourself, or as a gift for someone else!

*If you are purchasing for multiple families, products will need to be purchased separately to ensure customization accuracy.

Flourishing Hope is a mail- order box company for grieving families. Each box is tailored specifically to the needs of the family; those that have lost a parent, sibling, friend, spouse/significant other, or a child.


Customized Boxes

Each box is customized based on the needs of everyone. This information is collected by a questionnaire to make your box unique to your needs.


Small Business

A small business that works with other small businesses to provide the most unique and customized products for your box.


Woman Owned and Operated

Owned and operated by a single mom that has experience with grief and hopes to use her journey to help others.


Plenty of Variety

Different boxes are available for different needs. For grief journeys in the first, second, or third + year of loss, and for specific areas such as self-care, children, and men.

Our Mission

To provide customized grief boxes that assist in creating a new life after the loss of a loved one. Through this, we encourage mental health, stability, and healing. It is important to acknowledge our grief but to grow with it instead of drown in it.

Our Vision

To create a safe space for those suffering through grief that was caused by losing a loved one. To provide items in our boxes that further educate, guide, and build a community of members that can connect and grow together in this new life.

Grief Boxes: The Stages

grief box

the first steps


grief box



grief box

moving forward


Grief Boxes: Areas of Care

Men's grief box


self-care box


children's grief box

Why Flourishing Hope?

Unlike other gift boxes, Flourishing Hope grief boxes are customized to each person’s unique situation and offer resources for what that person, or people, need at the time. 

The stages of grief are separated in 3 box types: The First Steps (for the first year of loss), Rebuilding (for the second year of loss), and Moving Forward (for the third + year of loss). For those areas that need specific attention, we offer the Men’s Grief Box, the Self-Care Box, and the Children’s Grief Box.

Grief is always evolving, so our boxes do the same. Customization information is collected by a unique questionnaire at the time of purchase. 


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